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Stop feeling clueless and educate yourself with our informative and intuitive computer training program in Bowie, MD. The Computer Doctor’s full service entails comprehensive training in both computer hardware and software. You will learn invaluable skills like how to defrag your disk drives to improve performance speeds. We also help you develop healthy habits like regularly scanning for viruses and backing up data. If the problem is external, learn how to properly dismantle and assess your PC.

Our courses are available in a variety of settings with differing degrees of complexity. You can choose personal instruction if you learn better from a one-on-one, hands-on approach. Conversely, you can enroll in classes and be taught alongside other aspiring tech virtuosos. Lastly (and most appropriately), you can also enroll in our online training courses. Learn the inner workings of your computer and prepare yourself for potential threats and malfunctions. Deal with PC issues like a true tech professional.

The Computer Doctor also provides thorough IT training. This subset of computer instruction extends beyond your PC and encompasses the many features of the Internet. You will learn how to download, install, and apply various service packs to enable the function of specific computer features. We also teach you how to properly secure your wireless network connection so that your information is privy to your eyes alone. You will also discover how to reduce your vulnerability to hacking intrusions and viruses.

Schedule your regular check-up with The Computer Doctor and develop some technology skills of your own.

Knowing proper PC maintenance is absolutely imperative in this rapidly growing digital environment.

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