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The Computer Doctor provides the best computer repairs in Bowie, MD. Each customer has access to our comprehensive and full service, involving hardware and software optimization. We diagnose and treat your PC problems in a professional, efficient, and precise manner. Our IT experts are trained to fix both desktop and laptop computers and understand the intricacies of multiple operating systems, including Microsoft and Apple.

Our computer repair services include software upgrades, disk maintenance, and Internet connection protection. For businesses and corporations, our services are especially important. Our IT consulting has protected prominent institutions in the medical and financial industry. Do not let a flimsy Wi-Fi signal keep you from networking and making sales.

The most common complaint of the modern PC user is a slow computer. This minor inconvenience can actually be attributed to severe security breaches. If you have recently visited a shady website with many pop-ups and fake notifications, your computer may have contracted malware, the broad category of security risks that includes computer viruses and spyware. The Computer Doctor can download and install programs specifically designed for virus removal.

If your monitor often displays a blue error screen (commonly referred to as “The Bluescreen of Death”), your hard drive may be corrupted. The Computer Doctor fixes this problem by reinstalling software to restore the essential components of your operating system. Another unfortunate situation is a computer crash. In this instance, your hard drive may have become corrupted to the point that you cannot access your files. Luckily, we specialize in data recovery and can retrieve your lost documents.

Pick up the phone and talk to The Computer Doctor if your PC is exhibiting any of the aforementioned behaviors.

Do not wait until the problem becomes irreparable. Save your files, and also some money, by repairing your ailing computer.

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